If you know how javascript scope works, then you must be wondering the risk of having polluted global scope with a whole bunch of unwanted variables.

And solving problem is what we programmers do always!!!!

Welcome to another article on the module.

Javascript has evolved much in the last decade. We got so much capability to it. We can do almost anything with Javascript now. It's everywhere. it's on the browser, it's on the desktop app, it's on the server-side, it's on IoT devices, and many more. I haven’t seen any other language evolution so rapid in my career.

Before learning to the closure please follow the below article to understand the basics of it.


The closure is the most important, and one of the valuable topics that exist in Javascript. To understand closure we should know how the javascript scope works in detail.

The closure is not magic, it's a design choice made by the Javascript designer. To define closure in one sentence it goes like this:

Closure is a capability in JavaScript which allows the function to access its lexical scope even when that function is executing outside its lexical scope.

But this does not give…

This article is going to be part of the series, where I want to explain closure in javascript. The closure is one of the most important, and valuable capability javascript carry. This is the topic that brought a lot many interview questions, and sometimes it creates a nightmare for many of the Javascript developers.

Hmmm, You may be wondering why?

The reason for this is the developer does not want to understand how, and why their code works, instead they simply try to jump to the solutions which they found in some cookbook, StackOverflow, or at another source over the…

Today we are going to explore an important class of algorithms, and the most valuable one. and that is the search algorithm. We will first discuss some theoretical concepts, and then we will look into their implementation, complexity (how costly the problem can be when the size grows), and use case.


This is something where you want to find an item or a group of items with specific properties within a much larger collection of items.

Type of Search:

Brute Force Search:- Sometimes also referred to as linear search. This is the most straightforward way to find the element…

Anaconda comes with a variety of pre-installed packages for machine learning and data science. However, people may find themselves working on some package that is not present, or they want to install some package in some particular environment. This article will explain how you can add the packages in the anaconda environment.

Approach 1) GUI Approach.

One common approach is to use “Anaconda Navigator”

Open Anaconda Navigator, and navigate to Environment Tab. Select the environment where you want to install the package. For me, I have only a base environment present. …

Step 1) Download a windows full package from here

Now once you downloaded the installer, simply follow the prompt.

Anaconda is a very powerful distribution for the python.

Q) What is mean distribution?

Simply say distribution means a collection of packages that are pre-configured and they installed at once.

It's highly recommended to install the anaconda distribution.

Installing anaconda will :-

  1. Install python for you
  2. Jupyter
  3. Numpy, Pandas, and more
  4. Bring an anaconda navigator and Conda package manager.

Let's go now:

Step 1) Download anaconda from here. Make sure you use Python 3. Python 2 has been deprecated since 1st January 2020, and there won’t be any support for that. Python community themselves recommend using Python 3 ASAP.


API design process:-

  1. Gather, and review the requirement
  2. Identify the resource among them.
  3. Identify the action and use the appropriate verb for that.

Let's discuss them point by point:

👉 Gather, and review the requirement:

You have received a requirement to build a CRM system to manage the customer. The requirement says you have to add the customer, delete them, modify them and get the list of customers based on the email or name.

👉 Identify the resource among them:

To find the resource among all the objects available in our requirement, look for the noun. In our example, it…

Recently I jumped to the python. I was a java developer for more than 8 years. It was a recent incident that made me have python skill mandatory. You must be guessed? No, it's not about data science and machine learning. It's about…

solving coding questions in interviews.

You may be surprised that why I am saying so. Hmm, I was interviewed for Facebook which changed my mind and perception towards the technical interview. I am not going into details about that incident though. I have written another blog post for the same.

In short, for FAANG and other top…


You should have

  1. node and npm installed
  2. MySQL database installed
  3. By default project has configured to use MySQL DB where the database name is dishdb, the user is dishuser and the password is dishpass. You have to keep this thing ready prior to running the project.

Step 1) Clone the git repo from the below link:

git clone git@github.com:rhythm98/Food-Ordering-Application.git

Step 2 ) Build the project

$ cd Food-Ordering-Application/$ npm installadded 270 packages from 255 contributors and audited 271 packages in 26.41s39 packages are looking for fundingrun `npm fund` for detailsfound 0 vulnerabilities

Step 3…

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